Rain in the Desert: God’s Gift

Right now in Albuquerque, New Mexico it is raining and raining hard. It has been several years since we have had real rainfall. I understand how the Biblical people who lived with the torments of drought must have felt when it finally rained.   Our crops are blighted.  Our forests are dry and sere where they should be green and luxuriant in a high desert sort of way.   Farmers have not sown their usual crops.   In the second poorest state in the country, a drought is something that impacts the lives of all.   The beasts of the forests come down to the cities and try to find food and water.   They eat any pet whose owner is careless enough to let them out unguarded.   God seems far away.

The doors to my house are open as I listen to the glorious sound of the rain which runs down the driveway and joins the river in the street.  I see my neighbors standing and watching at their doors.  The look on our faces is one of relief.  It isn’t like we think of the drought every minute like the farmers probably do.  But it is there.  A terrifying reality we can’t control.

The other day I heard on the radio that La Niña was gone,  El Niño was back.  These cold and warm currants in the Pacific so far away control the weather in this southwestern state so distant.  I have thought of El Niño as Jesus who brings good weather.  To me La Niña is the goddess, the primitive one.  I am so glad she is gone and that our benign El Niño has returned.

Thank you Lord for your goodness and your kindness.  Thank you for caring for us.

One thought on “Rain in the Desert: God’s Gift

  1. And may that rain be a sign to all wandering in their own desert -it is not forever; rain, and relief, and fresh vision will come.

    You sound really good lately, Michelle. It has been a pleasure to read what you have been writing.


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