Abortion and Child Abuse Are Connected

There is an oblique relationship between adoption and my overall topic of suicide, so please stay with me on this. Child abuse is the link. My last post was about the link between child abuse and suicidal impulses. One of the arguments that pro-abortionists use is that an unwanted child is often an abused child. In my case that is true. My mother and father didn’t want me and I they abused me. However they didn’t know they didn’t want me until after I was born when they discovered I had brown eyes unlike my much beloved blue-eyed sister. (I could never understand why my mother married a brown-eyed man if she didn’t want a brown-eyed child). Oh well, go figure. With advances in technology parents will soon be able to abort based on eye color.

But my point is this. The answer to an unwanted child is adoption not abortion. But abortion advocates began working against adoption very early in their movement and have succeeded in making adoption a negligible option for a mother who can’t or doesn’t want to keep her child. Why? Because the movement true interest is in population control. And often the secret of that movement is that their real goal is in eugenics.

I ran a pregnancy counseling center and a maternity home in the 1990’s. It was privately funded. We were open six days a week and saw nearly a hundred women a week. In the 2 years I was executive director there was not one woman who would give up her baby for adoption. The usual response was that,” I wouldn’t let anyone else raise my child.” This was a direct quote from the sex education courses they took in school. In a delicate way we would basic respond, “you mean you would rather your child died?” and the answer was yes. The pro-abortion lobby still controls the agenda on adoption. Has child abuse decreased? No it has increased. Abortion has coarsened the attitude towards children since i5 has become common. There is one thing I am pretty sure about, if adoption were thriving in this country there would be far fewer abused children than there are today. Why? Because in general, adopted children are wanted children. At the pregnancy center and maternity home where I worked, 98%, of our customers were black. I understood concerns about preserving the culture of the child, but there were enough prospective black adoptive parents that our pregnant mothers could have ensured a black heritage to their baby. This smacks of genocide on the part of the sex-education movement.

The second reason that was given for not carrying a baby to term and letting it be adopted was that “it would ruin my figure.” This is the result of the devaluing of women that has occurred at the same time with the devaluing of children. The young girls and women we saw felt that they would never get a man if they had a baby because there figure would be ruined. Some were wistful at the baby they were losing but none the less felt they had no choice particularly with the boyfriend exerting pressure on them.

So I conclude that Christians have a difficult job ahead reconverting a nation to a positive view of adoption. It is good for children, for families, for people who can’t have babies and most of all for young women and girls who would know they gave their baby a chance. And might I add that it would be good for blacks.

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