A Hiking Meditation on Psalm 63

Oh God, you are my God,

for you I long,

My soul thirsts for you,

my body pines for you,

like a dry weary land without water.

So I gaze on you in your sanctuary

To see your strength and your glory.

See what I found in the drought-weary Sandia mountains this morning.

While hiking I saw tiny blossoms in dusty little crags in the  rocks,

Seeking the sun but being seared  by it as well.

Giving hope to all who pass

on the dusty dry trails that

the coolness and quiet still nourishes life.


For your love is better than life,

My lips shall speak your praise,

So I will bless you all  my life

 In your name I will lift up my hands,

My soul shall be filled as with a banquet,

My mouth shall praise you with joy.

So I find in this dry land

the promise of future springs.

The hope of the monsoon rains

though some years only empty clouds pass on the desert winds.

Next week, the weatherman says we may have rain,

Even a few precious drops can keep

these fragile blooms alive another day.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       On my bed I remember you,

On you I muse through the night,

For you have been my help.

In the shadow of your wings I rejoice,

My soul clings to you,

Your right hand holds me fast.

One thought on “A Hiking Meditation on Psalm 63

  1. I really enjoyed this posting..I always enjoy beautiful picture of nature in conjunction with God’s Word. Nature does glorify our Lord in so many different ways! Thanks for a such a God-glorifying post.

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