Junior Seau’s Suicide Leaves Only Questions

For any football fan, the death of Junior Seau is a tragedy. To watch him sack and tackle was defensive football at it’s best. So we are left to wonder why this still young man killed himself?

It seems likely that there was an earlier attempt about a year ago when his car went off a cliff. That event was called an accident which it may have been. But it showed, at the least that Seau was having difficulty. Maybe with drugs or alcohol or perhaps it was a suicide attempt.

Seau’s foundation’s mission is to help children and help prevent child abuse and neglect. Usually our passions reveal our troubles as well. I don’t know much about Seau’s childhood but coming to the USA at 7 years old as a non-English speaking immigrant must have been difficult. His family was of modest means and success at football probably looked to him like his only way up the ladder of success in America.

He defined the work ethic of the USC-Linebacker. He spent his life becoming successful at a game very few succeed at. I think the NFL has a program to help suddenly rich young men handle the problem of wealth. But I don’t understand what it is like for a poor kid who finds himself worshipped in college with all the privileges that entails and then to move on to the fabulous wealth of the NFL. There must be a shock to the soul. Remaining grounded is very hard in life in general but with these kind of burdens how much harder.

He was rich. He third child was born in 2010 and his marriage broke up. I wonder if he finally didn’t say “is this all there is?” I don’t know about Junior Seau’s faith if any. Even with faith this kind of fairytale is hard to live. God bless him!

To all the kind people who have followed my blog, Thank You! As I wrestled with my demons I found great comfort in your comments. I have decided to stop blogging on suicide and Christianity. I think I have said all I have to say. I hope it has been of some small comfort to some troubled souls. Most of all I hope it has caused some church people to think about how they might help people who are suicidal or have lost someone to suicide. This is not something you get over in a year.

God bless you friends. I will continue following your blogs.

2 thoughts on “Junior Seau’s Suicide Leaves Only Questions

  1. My passions do reflect my tragedies, though I’ve never thought of it in that way… well put. I pray that Junior is with the Lord now.

    I pray that you find peace, and rest. I have found your blog to be honest, thought-provoking and even comforting in the short time I’ve been following it and I thank for sharing. God bless you as well Michelle.

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